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Jim Loftus: Guestbook

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Jeanmarie Kearney

August 14, 2013

Hi Jim: Just wanted to tell you I enjoed speaking with you on Tuesday evening and am really looking forward to meeting you at our family reunion on Sept. 22 at Hershey's Mill Golf Club, here, in West Chester. Here is my contact # 610-430-1885 (h) 610-331-7145 (c). You can call me at your convenience to discuss the details/contract, whatever you need from me. Thanks so much for booking with me. I know the family will enjoy your talent.

Jo Sacchet

February 12, 2013

My sister Dee and I met you tonight at the Ballietsville Inn (old name I can't remember the new name) We enjoyed your music so much and can't wait to hear you play again. My sister has had some bad times recently and needed to get out and you were just the right medicine. Thank you again so much. Jo


July 6, 2012

Hi Jim. I wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed your performance at Cathedral Village on the 4th. The volume was definitely NOT too high! Here's a link to check out for lead sheets:

All the best!!

Judy Horn

December 10, 2011

Hi Jim! We met and spent the night together on the dance floor last night so I thought I'd check out you website. Very nice website! I didn't listen to all your original songs, but I like "I'll sing it" and "Nightsong". I will try to catch your performance at Ballietsville soon. Judy

pamela hart

December 6, 2011

dear jim, just wanted u to know how much i enbjoyed last tuesday nite at the balietsville were wonderful playing that beautiful piano and such a love sitting with us and chatting and sharing your life experiences and passions...such a great memory,hoping to be able to visit with u again. I hope our paths will meet again, until then, i wish u so much happiness and success whereever your life may lead...always
God be with and peace...pam


February 18, 2011

I think I went to kindergarden with you in 1966. Do you remember Ancilla ?


January 11, 2011

It was nice to talk with you on the phone today. I hope to stop by Christopher's Restaurant on Thursday evening to see you perform.

Rita O'Donnell

November 12, 2010

Hi meet you at the knights of columbus, you have a great voice!

Doreen Fromage

December 3, 2009

Hello Dr. Jim. This is nurse Doreen. Didn't see you when I left Mercy to get your card to keep in touch, but I found you online!


September 26, 2009

Great website Jim! You have quite an extensive photo gallery. Very nice!

Carol (Harmonsky) Russ

July 20, 2009


big steve/Uncle Smiley

September 26, 2008

Hi Jim awesome website thanks for jammin with us at the Jetport , hope to see you soon


August 13, 2008

Hi Jim, FYI, everyone is still talking about you from the summer party that we did outside when you performed the other week and everyone loved the inside mini concert that you also performed on the grand piano. Thanks so much! Sharon & Bill


July 22, 2008

so cool about the new piano bar...
and i am soooo jealous u got to work in the parker posey movie!!! "soooo I can be teacher's pet long after school is through..." i think someone should stage a night of christopher guest songs... maybe parker would show up...

Marcy Corson

July 2, 2008

Hey Love! I've never been to the Piano Bar. I'm hoping 2 make it on Thursday 2 see you. I'll pass this on to my friends... not sure about this week because of the holiday. The place looks awesome.... even hotter when you're there. BTW, the video of you singing Ziggy Stardust at the Allentown festival is incredible! You're the best!! xo

Terry Parrett

May 23, 2008

Hey Jim!

Great meeting you last night at the GVFHRA 25th Gala. You were terrific during the cocktail hour- your music really added to the event. Loved the Johnny Cash! Best of luck with the acting!

Terry Parrett

Stephanie Radcliffe

May 10, 2008

Hi Jim,
I doubt if you remember me but as soon as i saw your name, I rememberd you! I used to work at the Holiday Inn Conf. Center in Fogelsville way back in 1987-88. You used to play for the Lobby Bar over there and I worked at the Front Desk. I now work at Bear Creek Mtn Resort which is where I saw your name! Hope to say Hi in person sometime soon. Anxious to see if you remember me!
Have a Great Day!
Stephanie Radcliffe

Linda Lindsay

April 17, 2008

Hi Jim,

Your website is fantastic! I still have you CD I bought in 2001 or 2002.
I will mention you name to our groupwe are looking for entertainment for our Church Peach Festival in August.

Amelia Ickinger

March 22, 2008

Happy Easter Jim:) Your website looks great! Hope all is well. Give my best to your Mom:)


Charlene Seimes

February 22, 2008

Hi Jim, Don't know if you will remember us, parents of Gary, Terry, Jeff, Deb, Renee, Lisa. Lisa met you recently & gave me your web address, Great to see you are such a success.

Janet Davidson

February 14, 2008

Jim Great job on your website, I simply love this. I
am very proud of all your accomplishments. Keep up the good work Janet

Scott Carr

February 1, 2008

By the way, It's also good to hear from Steve McNee. Glad to hear you're doing well at XM, man! -- Scott

Scott Carr

February 1, 2008

Hi y'all --- Just an additional comment re: the old WZZO photo posted here - The guy behind the 'ZZO mascot costume ("The Z-Bird" if memory serves me correct)was non other than Mike Au. Once in a great while I hear from mike. Haven't heard from him lately though. Later! --- Scott Carr

Steve McNee

December 5, 2007

Amazing the things you find when you google your own name. It was nice to see you are having fun and doing interesting things. Nice to hear that fellow Z95 alum Skip/Scott Carr is doing well at WMGK. As for me, I've been working at XM Satellite Radio since 2000. I work in Scheduling Operations helping to make sure our 170 plus channels of digital entertainment make it to air. All the Best! Steve


September 2, 2007

Bravo Jim!!! I am a singer too and I would love to jam with you sometime. Check out my website ( I think we have the similiar styles! What were your inspirations for "Fame Game"?

Angie Villa

August 4, 2007

Congratulations on all your achievements! I enjoyed your web-site and we will try to get out to see you perform. Our son Gianni, who will be turning six soon, has been taking piano lessons for a year now. He writes his own songs too! He would enjoy watching you perform. His favorite bands right now are The Beatles, Elton John, and The Doors. Thanks for coming out to see The Villas, we appreciate your support.
Angie Villa

Kathie Nicolet/Chicago Pianist

June 17, 2007

Jim - Very nicely done!!
Continued success to you!

Best, Kathie Nicolet
Chicago Pianist For Corporate/Social Events Since 1983

Werner Sommer

May 18, 2007

Hey Jim!
Great site!
Very impressive!
Good Luck in all your endeavors, Werner


May 16, 2007

Talented indeed.

Brent and Lois

March 12, 2007

Was good to see you again but would have been nicer if under different circumstances. Steve will be missed by all of his friends and acquaintences. Looking forward to seeing you at the Terrace again.

Brent & Lois

Wally Tirado

February 18, 2007

Jim, thanks for turning me onto Gigmasters. We have finished a demo but the pics bio and verbage are not created. We are seasoned players without all the promo. When it is all together {soon} we can move forward. WALLY

Chuck Loggia

February 11, 2007

Jim thanks for all the great tunes on the bus to Pius X. Plus the GREAT performances in The Music Man and Guys and Dolls. Just wanted to say hey. Chuck "Bob" Loggia

Marge & Gerri

February 3, 2007

Enjoyed your music very much at the Metro this evening. Thanks for "Walking in Memphis" and our other requests. You rock! :)
We look forward to seeing your again soon!

Patricia Reinhart

July 31, 2006

Dear Jim,
It was so great finally hearing you perform at the Plumsteadville! Pat, Valerie, and I really enjoyed all the special Broadway tunes you played for us! You are one talented guy! You seem to be making all your dreams come true; and that's so awesome and exciting! Hope our paths will cross really soon. Patricia

john rusin

July 16, 2006

Hey Pal!
Are you playing Destino's on Friday Aug. 5th.If yes, what time do you play? I'm going to be in NYC that night to see a play with my wife and brother and sister in law. If you get a chance contact me. It would be great to catch up.Have a great summer.

Nan Roof

June 20, 2006

Jim! It was so great meeting you last night. Thank you for playing all my faves AND, especially, for letting me sing with you. I get so nervous but you made me feel so comfortable! I look forward to singing with you again!! Nan

Lynn and Dave Scherb

June 7, 2006

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Jim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You made our wedding soooo very special- you make beautiful music, and everyone had such a great time!!!
Thank you again!!!! Lynn and Dave

Joe zappo

February 23, 2006

I have seen some of your work on past Law & Order's. Great work
I think with your talent and drive
you are going to keep doing very well.
soon it will be lisa playing with Jim Loftus they will write about.
best of luck

Joe Z.

john rusin

February 18, 2006

HI Jim. It's nice to see your doing well. Congrats on meeting Tony Bennet. I fyou ever play in NJ let me know. One day maybe me, you and Carl can reunite for a gig. I'll never forget those Vincent gigs. Good luck hope to run into you either in NYC or back in the Lehigh Valley. Good Luck in your future endeavors.

Andrew Martin

February 9, 2006

Hey, stranger! It's been years. Hope you're well. Would happily catch you at Nino's tomorrow but I've got tickets for Il Divo at Radio City. Anyway, be well and hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

Sylvia Winrich

December 26, 2005

I come to Nino's Tuscany on Monday nights to see you and I love your music. Thanks for stopping into Nino's, meeting Jimmy and getting the Monday night gig. Keep up the good work and let's rock Monday's!!!

Von Doane

December 16, 2005

As this year 2005 comes to a close and a new one begins I wish you continual spiritual & emotional wealth, great physical health, longetivity & financial prosperity.


December 10, 2005


Jimmy Brooks

November 21, 2005

Hey Jim,
Just passing through your website. You were on a television show that I directed at DeSales University called The Lighter Side. Looks like your doing pretty well. Love the music! Good luck and god bless.

Ginny Carita

November 4, 2005

Hi Jim,
So wonderful to see you're doing great! Back in PA again so I hope to catch up with you and see you perform.

Rita Steffenino

October 26, 2005

We share the same mother :)

Jim Loftus

October 24, 2005

We share the same name :)

Susan Keller

June 6, 2005

I'm already on your email list, but I wanted to write and congratulate you on all your great news! You're certainly worthy of all that you've accomplished!! It was good to see you at the Shanty the other night! I hope to get the chance to see you perform again life has been very hectic these last few months!

Carl Spagnuolo

June 3, 2005

Jim - Warm, Palm Beach greetings! I can't tell you how proud I am to see what you've done with your career! We've known each other since, what, 1981... and how far you've come since then. Keep doing it - I couldn't be more happy for you! Carl


May 21, 2005

Sorry that I missed your birthday party.I hope you had an awesome birthday!

Helen Cline

April 19, 2005

Hey Jim,

How's it going? Haven't seen you in a long time...probably since the bus to NYC!!! Will try to get out to hear you soon....Helen

Scott Erickson

January 31, 2005

Hey Hey

The site looks good. Keep up the good work. I'm sure I'll musical paths will cross again soon. Especially after that show last night. I MIGHT have an idea for something similar as a "one night only" kind of thing. I'll keep you posted.

Marcy Corson

January 31, 2005

Hey Jim: I love getting your e-mails and good luck with your web site. Did you ever send in your demo for that "Elton John" audition from the casting site? You're the best... I hope you get it!

Erica Verost

January 24, 2005

Hey Jim,

Love your new site - looks very professional!

Your Admirer,

Mary Beth Tomlinson

January 9, 2005

I was just trying to find a picture of you playing at our wedding. If I find one, I will send it your way.

Nice site.